Little boy Nikolas was recently subjected to a series of tests, which were extremely promising, since as it turns out, his bone marrow is now cancer-free! The past 3 months were really hard on Nikolas, the 3-year-old fighter from the island of Corfu, who was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Even though he was being subjected to a chemotherapy round, his body wasn’t responding to the treatments. As a result, his family was extremely worried, while the little boy was worn out by the strong medication. However, the new chemotherapy round, was even more powerful than the last one, and it finally paid off! Pretty soon, Nikolas will be subjected to further tests and if everything goes well, he will then be subjected to surgery and bone marrow transplant.

Hold on tight, little guy! We believe in you and we know that you can win this!

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