After suffering severe craniocerebral injuries, resulting from a car accident, Anastasios, this 35-year-old man, is being currently hospitalized in a rehabilitation center, fighting hard to get back on his feet. It’s imperative that he proceeds with his physiotherapy program. If he stops receiving the necessary treatments, the damage might become irreversible. Let as all support this young man’s struggle!

Call for help for Anastasios: the young man who is being currently hospitalized due to paralysis of his lower extremities, resulting from a car accident!

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35-year-old Anastasios got into a car accident in the summer of 2021. After suffering severe craniocerebral injuries, he was admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Thessaloniki, where he remained hospitalized for 4.5 months. When the young fighter regained his senses, he realized that he was in complete paralysis. He was then transferred to a rehabilitation center, in order to receive the necessary treatments that would help regain mobility of his extremities, and by extension, his overall health condition. However, after 3 months of hospitalization, Anastasios is still unable to fend for himself, since he cannot move his legs. It’s imperative that he proceeds with the intensive treatment plan that he receives at the rehabilitation center. If he gets discharged, the damage might become irreversible. Although part of the expenses is covered by the young man’s insurance, his family still has to pay a lot of money on monthly basis. After three months of treatments, the parents are now struggling to make ends meet. The total cost for the remaining treatments amounts to 4,570 euros. We cannot let money deprive this young man of his right to live a healthy life!   

Together, we can provide a better future to this young fighter who is struggling to get back on his feet!

  • 28-04-2022

    Mission accomplished! Together, we have managed to ensure Anastasios’ stay in the rehabilitation center where he is being hospitalized, for six additional months!

    35-year-old Anastasios is fighting an uneven battle in order to get back on his feet, after a severe car crash that changed his life forever. His family was finally relieved when he managed to regain his senses, after being comatose for 4.5 months; however that wasn’t the end for their ordeal. Today, the young man is still being hospitalized in a rehabilitation center in the city of Thessaloniki, since he is paralyzed from the waist down, unable to move his legs. His family was in a dead-end, since they couldn’t possibly afford the unbearable cost of the monthly bills for his hospitalization. However, after we all joined forces, we have managed to pay six months in advance, so that Anastasios can keep on receiving his treatments until he makes a full recovery.
    On behalf of his family, we would like to kindly thank all of you for helping this young man get his life back! We will remain in contact with them, hoping he eventually gets discharged and returns home healthy!