We are excited to announce that we have managed to gather the amount that was required for Valentina’s life-changing surgical operation. The little girl form the city of Larnaka, who has been diagnosed with brain paralysis that has been affecting her motor skills, is about to seize the opportunity in order to be subjected to a selective dorsal rhizotomy, an innovative procedure which is being performed in the United States. Valentina finally has the chance to make her dreams come true, to be able to walk on her own and to claim a future full of health like any other kid! We have managed to gather the amount of 45,732,08 euros, from donations made by people in Greece, Cyprus and many other countries around the world. The family’s public health insurance in Cyprus, has offered the sum of 29,000 euros for the little girl’s hospitalization, while an online platform abroad has managed to gather 33,920 euros in donations. After joining our forces, we have managed to reach our funding goal! Little Valentina and her family are packing their bags and after completing the burocratic process, they will be arriving to the Children’s Hospital of St.Louis in Missouri. We are sending our wishes and our positive energy to this family, hoping that everything goes well and that the surgery is a success! We will be anxiously waiting for an update! Good luck with your surgery, baby girl Valentina!