A few days ago, Konstantina-Athina was subjected to a liver transplant, while her father was the donor. Even though her body didn’t reject the transplanted organ, there have been some complications that made her family even more worried. The doctors discovered a bile leak into the abdominal cavity. As a result, the little girl was subjected to 3 more surgical procedures. These back-to-back surgeries and anesthesia have taken a great toll on the baby’s health; however, the doctors were able to repair the damage. The next few days are critical, since our little heroine is being hospitalized in the PICU, battling with infections that were caused by the bile leak. Due to this unforeseen turn of events, the family’s stay in Palermo will be extended, until the baby’s condition stabilizes and until she recovers from all of these procedures. The family’s expenses turned out to be a lot more than expected, since the father had to be admitted to an intensive treatment plan in order to be approved as a potential donor. Unfortunately this treatment plan is not covered by their health insurance. We will keep on fighting in order to cover the cost of the family’s stay and everyday needs, for as long as they stay in Palermo. Let us all join forces and offer Konstantina-Athina a happy ending to her ordeal. Let us ensure that she wins this battle and makes it back home!