The results led our beloved to an emergency admission to an oncology hospital in the country and her submission to 4 painful cycles of chemotherapy. The new tests showed that he will have to enter a 5th cycle of chemotherapy before the surgery to remove tumors to which he must undergo according to the protocol. All this time, Maria receives all the necessary treatment and care free of charge, staying in a hostel of the oncology hospital.However, the struggle of the only 6-year-old fighter is expected to be long and her parents are and will continue to be by her side for as long as the needs of her treatments require. Maria's little brother has been left behind and the parents are constantly moving to the distant country town they live in to see him. The support of all of us is necessary to enable Maria's parents to meet the costs of maintaining their family for as long as they need to be away from their place without work.Together we can help Maria and her family get back on their feet at this difficult time! Let's make their struggle easier with our small move!