The first 8 cycles of chemotherapy failed to clear the cancer from our beloved Iosif's bones and bone marrow and so the doctors recommended that he be urgently submitted to a new protocol of 3 new cycles of more powerful chemotherapy in order to eradicate the tumor. Our little one has completed two rounds of this treatment and is getting ready to enter the next one. Fortunately, the side effects were minimal and our hero continues his fight vigorously! If all goes well and the doctors judge him to be ready, the bone marrow transplant, surgery, radiation treatments and immunotherapies will take place in the next year. Immediately after, it is necessary to go to America to undergo specialized treatment, with the aim of preventing the recurrence of the aggressive disease. The total amount required for targeted therapy is enormous and cannot be secured without the immediate mobilization of all of us! Iosif is only 16 months old and at such a sensitive age he is forced to fight every day and with all his strength against the disease that threatens him! Together we can end his Golgotha and give him the healthy future he deserves!