For the past 2 months, 1-year-old Konstantina-Athina is being hospitalized in Palermo of Sicily, while thanks to your immediate response, we’ve made sure that she and her family have the required funds for their stay and their expenses for a minimum of 6 months.  During all this time that she is being hospitalized, she is being closely monitored by the medical staff, while she is also being subjected to all the necessary tests that are required before her liver transplant, which will take place in the foreseeable future.  This little girl has been struggling ever since she was just an infant, since she has been diagnosed with biliary atresia, a severe condition that affects the liver, as well as the rest of the vital organs. Currently, she is stable, while she is receiving all the treatments that are required prior to the transplant, which will offer her a chance in life. Her parents have already been subjected to all the necessary tests and so far the father seems to be the best candidate for donating a part of his liver. However, the procedure is complicated and it takes a lot of time, since the donor must meet some requirements. That being said, the father is being subjected to further tests until the doctors decide that he is ready to donate. At the same time, the little girl is also on the transplant list, so if the doctors find a match, she will be immediately subjected to the transplant. Konstantina-Athina has just turned one, away from her home. We sincerely hope that she’ll celebrate her next birthday, happy and healthy in Greece.

Stay strong, baby girl! We are confident that everything will be all right and that you will make a full recovery! We will stand by this family’ side for as long as needed, anxiously waiting for a positive outcome!