Thanks to the immediate response of thousands of people from Greece, but also abroad, we have managed to gather the required amount, so that Ilias will not only proceed with his daily physiotherapy sessions, but he will also acquire the medical equipment he needs, so that he can have a better quality of life! Ilias has fought cancer 2 times. Even though he managed to beat it, he remained confined to a wheelchair. Thanks to the aid campaign we organized on his behalf, for the past 4 months he is receiving an intensive home-based physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy program, combined with nursing care that will help him regain his motor skills, walk again and go after his dreams! So far, he has made great progress, therefore his family wants him to proceed with his treatments in a specialized rehabilitation center, where he will not only be subjected to physiotherapy exercises that will strengthen his muscular system, but he will also be daily subjected to swimming therapy, which is highly recommended in cases like his. Thanks to all of your help, their wish is going to come true. Ilias will be soon admitted to the rehabilitation center, while we have already settled the cost of his hospitalization for 5 whole months! Dear Ilias, hang in there and keep on fighting! Just remember you’re not alone, as our thoughts and prayers are always with you! So far, you have fought hard and we know you’ll make it!