Mission accomplished! Christos will be able to proceed with his treatments!

Thanks to your immediate response, we have managed, in just a few days, to gather the funds that are required for Christos’ home-based treatments for a period of one whole year! Christos’ life was shuttered 4 years ago, when he got struck by lightning during training. Even though the doctors managed to save his life, he lost a great part of his skull. Ever since that happened, the 19-year-old young man has been confined to a bed, unable to speak, move his extremities or communicate with his loved ones. All of these years, Christos is being subjected to a home-based physiotherapy and speech therapy treatment plan, which is necessary for his overall health condition. However, his family is now in a dead-end and is unable to cope with the unbearable cost of his treatments. Thanks to your defining support though, we have managed to gather the required funds, so that Christos will be able to proceed with his treatments for a period of one whole year! On behalf of his family, we would like to kindly thank all of you, who stood by a young man who is suffering. Christos will keep on fighting for his life with dignity, while we wish from the bottom of our heart that he will soon show signs of improvement. We on our hand will stand by this family’s side for everything they might need! See Christos' campaign here: https://act-of-kindness.org/el/donation/support-christos/