New update on the health of Orestes battling cancer! We continue our fight to support the family!

Orestis continues his daily struggle, as he recently completed the fourth cycle of his chemotherapy treatments, which although painful we hope will bring positive results. This week is the week of recovery and Orestes and his mother returned home for a few days until he started the next cycle of chemotherapy. Orestes had a great longing to see his house, his room, his brothers and to get strength to continue! The 15-year-old Orestes was diagnosed 3 months ago with stage IIIB Hodgkin's lymphoma, a serious disease of the lymphatic system, progressing into immune cancer. Orestes' struggle is predicted to be long and his mother will be constantly by his side for as long as the needs of his treatments require. The support of all of us is necessary for Orestes' mother to be able to cope with the maintenance costs of their family for as long as they will have to stay away from their place without work. Orestes has 3 siblings who have been left behind. Frequent trips to and from Athens, food expenses, consumable medical care materials and frequent diagnostic tests burden the family daily. Thanks to the valuable participation of all of us, a large part of the above needs were secured. We continue our fight to ensure all the necessary expenses for the entire period of his treatments! All together we can help Orestes and his family to stand on their feet during this difficult time! Let's make their fight easier with a little move!