Olga is hospitalized in critical condition after a brutal beating and needs us all by her side!

New update on the course of her health! Olga, 41, was brutally beaten by her ex-partner last January, resulting in severe head injuries and being transferred to a comatose state in a public hospital. Despite the ominous predictions, Olga did not give up! With the decisive contribution of the doctors and after multiple surgeries, he managed to keep himself alive. However, the brain injuries he suffered had caused a temporary loss of speech, while he was unable to move and care for himself. Thanks to the immediate intervention of our Organization and the decisive participation of all of you, Olga has been in a rehabilitation center for 1.5 months now where she receives all the necessary care with her state of health making great progress. Olga began to say some words and respond much better to the suggestions of the therapists. She has begun to move her limbs and in combination with the splint we procured, she performs intensive muscle strengthening exercises so that she can stand and take some steps. The competent therapists are very optimistic about Olga's development and prognosis and from her image it seems that day by day she is making a spectacular improvement. Her stay in the rehabilitation center where she is located is considered absolutely necessary, in order for Olga to be able to complete the necessary treatment program that will help her regain her lost abilities and get back on her feet! Time froze for 41-year-old Olga, 9 months ago, in the most unfair way! And only if we all unite together can we offer her a new chance in life! Come today and fight with her, so that she can win back the future she deserves!