Our charity work

Always with selflessness, solidarity and respect, the “Act of Kindness” organization stands by every child and family who is facing financial difficulties and health problems, providing, free of charge, medical and pharmaceutical care, rehabilitation services, moral and material support, without any discrimination, aiming that all people have equal access to healthcare, social services and basic needs. More specifically, we provide:

Medical services and rehabilitation programs​

Our number one priority is to ensure that all people have access to high-quality services, including medical and social background checks, medical and pharmaceutical patient-focused care, as well as long-term care until the patient makes a full recovery. All of the above are being achieved with the defining help of a group of specialized experts (such as social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and doctors) who support our effort in every way possible. We do everything in our power to provide:

-Medical and pharmaceutical care that cannot be provided by the patient’s family, due to financial difficulties. 

-Diagnostic tests that cannot be conducted promptly or free of charge in public diagnostic facilities.

-Specialized treatments that can only be conducted in private healthcare facilities or abroad.

-Ongoing campaigns in order to raise awareness and gather the required funds for medical conditions that require immediate intervention. 

-Orthopedic devices for people with disabilities that cannot be purchased by themselves, due to financial difficulties. 

-Medical equipment and expendable medical supplies, which are required for the daily care of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. 

-Physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions required in order to improve the clinical condition of children who are experiencing developmental problems or disabilities. 

– Counseling and psychological services.

-Transportation and accommodation services for families whose children need to be hospitalized far away from their place of residence.

Contribution to solving societal issues

While aiming to eliminate poverty, we engage in supporting people who are facing financial difficulties, so that no one is deprived of dignified living conditions.  

The Social Supermarket constitutes the main pillar of our effort. There, we gather essential items and food supplies, which are later distributed to people in need. For a society without inequalities, we are always in the front line, helping by the following ways:

-Provide food supplies.

-Provide essential items.

-Provide clothing and footwear.

-Provide books, school supplies and toys.

-Provide assistance to victims of natural disasters. 

The moral support of the people, who reach out to us, is of the essence. We try our best so that the people we assist will be able to find the hope and strength to carry on with their lives with dignity.