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Voluntary blood donation at the city hall of Thessaloniki “Donate blood and save a life...

The voluntary blood donation that was organized by the "Act of Kindness" organization, in collaboration with the "Ippokrateio" General Hospital of Thessaloniki, took place on Sunday, November 24th, at the city hall of Thessaloniki, and turned out to be a great success. The presence of the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, of the Vice Mayor of Social Affairs, Mr....

Offering a warm home

Thanks to the generous contribution of firewood, we have managed to offer a warm home to families in need during the hard winter.

Gathering fresh fruits and vegetables

We daily make sure that we offer our services to people in need. Every Wednesday, in the context of the program «We can» , at the farmers’ market we collect fresh fruit and vegetables, donated by fruit producers at the farmers’ market of the Toumpa area, in order to distribute them to families in need.