2-year-old Isodoros has been diagnosed with a rare syndrome that affects the respiratory and lymphatic system (Noonan syndrome). His condition requires 24hour care, regular physiotherapy sessions as well as a variety of medicine and orthopedic devices. Thanks to your defining contribution, his family acquired all the medical equipment and expendable medical supplies that he needs. For the past 4 months, Isidoros is receiving his medicinal treatment, as well as an intensive home-based physiotherapy plan. It’s imperative that he proceeds with his physiotherapy sessions for a long period of time, in order for his motor skills and respiratory system to improve. Physiotherapy will also help strengthen his muscular system. On behalf of Isidoros’ family, we would like to kindly thank all you out there for your immediate response! We are going to stand by this little boy’s side for as long as it takes, eagerly waiting for him to take his first steps!