A few days ago, he suffered a severe respiratory infection, which led to septic shock and cardiac arrest, and in spite of the doctors’ efforts, he passed yesterday afternoon. This came as quite a shock, since he was making great progress. For the past 2 months, Giannis was being hospitalized in a rehabilitation center, while he responded really well to his treatment plan. We would like to kindly thank all of you out there for supporting him, since thanks to your help, we have managed to settle the cost of his hospitalization for a period of 2 months, offering this man a chance to fight for his life with dignity. The irony of the matter is that the doctors were planning on removing his tracheostomy soon. Unfortunately, an infection can always lead to a setback. Only this time, it turned out to be fatal… We would like to express our sincere condolences to his family, for their terrible loss. Rest in peace, dear friend!