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The 2-day-old Nektarios has already been diagnosed from his mother’s abdomen with severe heart disease and must be operated on the heart immediately.

An innocent fetus has to fight for its life from the moment it comes into this world!

by Act of Kindness

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Campaign Story

Nektarios is a baby of only 2 days old. Even though he is still inside his mother’s womb, whose name is Varithiami Maria, he has been diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease, which requires immediate heart surgery, since any delay could be fatal.   

A highly experienced pediatric heart surgeon has already agreed to perform the surgery pro bono, along with his team in a private clinic in Athens. However, the family stills needs to come up with 2,340 euros in order to pay for his hospitalization. Even though the clinic is not rushing them, they won’t be able to settle their medical bills without our support! 

Baby boy Nektarios is anxiously waiting to find his way into his mother’s arms. Let us all rescue this little fighter in every way that we possibly can!  

You can help by the following ways: 

By entering the campaign’s webpage and making an online deposit using your debit or credit card (through Viva Wallet, Paypal, Stripe)  

-by making a deposit to one of the following bank accounts: “For Nektarios”


Piraeus Bank 

          Account number: 5222091702771

          IBAN: GR4101722220005222091702771


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS


National Bank

          Account number: 21000630539

          IBAN: GR4401102100000021000630539


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS


Alpha Bank

          Account number: 701002002030506

          IBAN: GR0401407010701002002030506


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS 


– by making a donation through the DIAS internet banking payment system, using this campaign’s unique RF payment RF05917199000599599599599.

–Send a text message to 19825. The message must read: “For Nektarios” (Charge  2,71€ /SMS)

*the charges include VAT as well as mobile subscriber fee. This number is available for all fixed and mobile telephony providers in Greece.

  • 14-7-22

    Within just 24 hours, we have managed to raise the amount required for the newborn baby Panagiotis –Nektarios!

    <p>The 3-day-old infant has been diagnosed with a severe congenital heart disease and he will be soon subjected to a heart surgery. The specialized pediatric heart surgeon will perform the surgery pro bono, while the private clinic will also cover a large part of the cost of his hospitalization. Since the baby had to be born in that specific clinic, in order to be immediately put in the NICU, the family had to bear additional expenses that were unable to pay. However, after joining forces we have managed- in just 24 hours- to help out this family by making sure that Nektarios will receive the medical care he needs.<br />
    On behalf of his family, we would like to kindly thank all of you for your immediate response. We sincerely hope that everything goes well so that the little guy will soon return into his mother’s arms!</p>

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  • 22-7-22

    Latest update on Nektarios: the new born baby who has been fighting for his life ever since he came into this world.

    <p>Baby boy Nektarios was born 10 days ago in a private clinic in Athens. He was immediately intubated and transferred to the NICU, where he remains till this day. The little fighter has been diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease even before he was born, while a highly experienced pediatric heart surgeon has already offered to perform his surgery pro bono. However, after the baby was born, he started to develop complications; therefore the doctors suggested that he remained in the NICU until he were stable enough in order to undergo the surgery that will save his life. Apart from the heart surgery, there is a chance that he will need to be subjected to additional surgeries on other vital organs. Thanks to your immediate response, we have managed to gather, within just 1 day, not only the sum that was initially required, but a total of 7,303,51 euros, which will be spent on his hospitalization and treatments, since he, as it turns out, has a long way ahead of him. The cost of his hospitalization for the next 2 months amounts to 5,500 euros and it has already been taken care of thanks to your defining contribution.<br />
    We will stand by this baby’s side for as long as it takes, hoping to hear a positive outcome from his doctors. Let us all pray that baby boy Nektarios soon recovers, so that his parents and his sister will finally be able to hold him in their loving arms.</p>

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  • 17-10-22

    He won the battle and made it home!

    <p>Baby boy Nektarios, the 3-month-old who has been hospitalized ever since he was born, was recently subjected to a successful heart surgery and won the battle of life! The little fighter was diagnosed with congenital heart defect, while being inside his mother’s womb, and according to his doctors, it was imperative that he underwent surgery. When he was born, he was immediately intubated and transferred to the NICU, where he remained for two and a half months. After waiting for a few months in order for his body to develop, he was subjected to surgery by an experienced pediatric heart surgeon and his team, who offered to perform the surgery pro bono, offering him the gift of life. Thanks to your defining support, the Organization covered the rest of the medical bills, such as his hospitalization in the private clinic! The baby boy has been discharged, while his condition will be closely monitored by his doctors. He is now receiving the best post-op care in the loving arms of his family, while he finally got to meet his big sister, who was so anxiously waiting for him to come home. We truly wish that their ordeal is over, while we look forward to hearing good news about this little fighter’s condition!<br />
    There are no words to describe the utter joy we felt, when we got the news about his surgery!<br />
    The family’s smiles give us strength to keep on going!</p>

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