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Dimitris is 12 years old and he has been diagnosed with quadriplegia, resulting from encephalitis. For the last few years, Dimitris is being confined to a bed, unable to communicate with his surroundings or move, while he is daily subjected to home-based physiotherapy sessions. However, his family is currently unable to cover the unbearable cost of his medical care. 

Together, we keep on supporting Dimitris, the 12-year-old boy who got confined to a bed after a viral infection!

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Campaign Story

Dimitris is 12 years old and he has been diagnosed with quadriplegia due to encephalitis. When he was just 7 years old, and while being perfectly healthy, he developed a high fever that wouldn’t subside. His parents took him to the hospital and after a series of tests, the doctors concluded that the child had extensive lesions to the brain due to type B influenza.  

That’s when the uphill struggle began for both Dimitris and his family. After being long-term hospitalized, Dimitris was transferred to a rehabilitation center, where he remained for one and a half year. When he returned home, and after following the doctors’ orders, he proceeded with his physiotherapy sessions on daily basis. Back then, we managed to provide Dimitris with the required treatments, which still go on till this day.  

For the last few years, Dimitris is being confined to a bed, unable to move or communicate with his surroundings, while he wears a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy at all times. His parents have never left his side, trying everything in their power so that their child has everything he requires. However, after all these years, they have come to a dead end and they cannot longer cope with the unbearable cost of the physiotherapy sessions and medical expendables that their child daily requires. Physiotherapy is essential for his condition, since without them Dimitris will be suffering from painful joint stiffness.  

Today, Dimitris needs our support one more time, in order to keep on receiving the essential treatments and expendables that are required for his wellbeing. We cannot possibly leave him! Let us all facilitate this true hero’s struggle, who was so unfairly deprived of his childhood! 



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Piraeus Bank 

          Account number: 5222091702771

          IBAN: GR4101722220005222091702771


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS


National Bank

          Account number: 21000630539

          IBAN: GR4401102100000021000630539


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS


Alpha Bank

          Account number: 701002002030506

          IBAN: GR0401407010701002002030506


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS 



          Account number: 00260024130201219506

          IBAN: GR6502600240000130201219506


          Beneficiary: PRAXI AGAPIS-ACT OF KINDNESS


– by making a donation through the DIAS internet banking payment system, using this campaign’s unique RF payment RF04917199000125612561256.

– send a text message to 19825. The message must read: “For Dimitris

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*the charges include VAT as well as mobile subscriber fee. This number is available for all fixed and mobile telephony providers in Greece.

  • 05-01-2023

    He became quadriplegic after a viral infection. He needs us!

    <p>He was 7 years old and perfectly healthy!<br />
    Who would have thought that a child full of health would become quadriplegic from one day to the next? Who would have thought that a viral infection could end up that badly. That would lead to brain damage and paralysis of the extremities… That would lead to the family’s never ending struggle for his rehabilitation.<br />
    The little boy had developed high fever after contracting encephalitis, which caused severe intellectual disability and severe quadriplegia.<br />
    Little Dimitris requires care round the clock. He is unable to communicate, to eat, to move.<br />
    Thanks to your contribution, we have managed to cover the cost of his home-based treatments for a period of one whole year.<br />
    The year has now come to an end, however the 12-year-old’s struggle keeps on going, while his family is financially overwhelmed, trying to provide their son with the treatments required for his worn-out body.<br />
    We need you!<br />
    Because if we have you by our side, we’ll be able to help improve his clinical state. Because if we have you by our side, we’ll be able to keep our faith alive and hope that his health condition will improve.<br />
    A child is calling for help. We cannot ignore him.</p>

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