Mission accomplished in less than 48 hours!

Thanks to the immediate response of thousands of people from the city of Patras, as well as people from all over Greece, we have managed to gather in less than 48 hours, the immense amount of 85.327 Euros, which was required for 12-year-old Nikolia’s life changing journey to the city of Hanover, where she will be subjected to a surgical resection of her tumor. Currently, we are processing all of the donations, while they will be posted in detail on Nikolia’s aid campaign page, within the next few days. We kindly thank you for the support you have shown towards this family, who are overwhelmed by the compassion you have demonstrated throughout their ordeal. Within just 2 days, we have managed to achieve the unachievable! Now, Nikolia has to fight the biggest of her life. We truly hope that the surgery will have the best possible outcome, and that she’ll soon return to Greece, healthy and happy! Our beloved Nikolia, our thoughts and prayers are with you! We will be anxiously waiting for any development!