Mission accomplished! We have ensured that Georgia has everything she needs until her treatments are completed!

50-year-old Georgia, mother of 3, is facing breast cancer for the second time in her life, 13 years after her first treatment, while she was recently subjected to a radical mastectomy. On top of that, she has been lately experiencing financial hardship; therefore she in unable to cope with the cost of her medicinal care and of her transportation to and from the hospital, where she is being subjected to the necessary treatments. As a result, she was overwhelmed with anxiety, which was taking a great toll on her overall condition. Thanks to your defining contribution, we have managed, within just a few days, to put an end to her agony, since we have covered all the expenses for her medicinal expendables, as well as her transportation to and from the small town she lives in, until her treatments are finally completed! Georgia is just a breath away from winning this battle for the second time. We sincerely hope that her treatments will be effective. Dear Georgia, we wish you a speedy recovery, while we are confident that this ordeal will soon be in the past! #fightcancer You can view Georgia’s aid campaign here: https://act-of-kindness.org/el/donation/support-georgia-chrysanthopoulou/