Donation of essential items

In particular, you can offer long-lasting food, hygiene and baby care items, cleaning products and household items. More specifically, you can donate items, such as:

    ♥ Food supplies:

    Oil - vinegar - salt - sugar

    pasta - legumes - rice - flour

    food cans - long life milk

    stage 1 and stage 2 baby formula

    cream of wheat - breakfast foods

    (honey, jam, cookies, sliced bread, croissant, bread rusk, juice)

    ♥ Baby care products:

    Diapers - Baby wipes - Diaper rash cream

    Baby Shampoos

    ♥ Personal hygiene products:

    Shampoo - Shower gel - Toothbrushes

    Toothpastes - Antiseptic wipes

    ♥ Cleaning products:

    Liquid chlorine - Cleaning agents - Disinfectant

    Laundry detergent - Dish soap

    ♥ Paper and plastic products:

    Paper towels - Toilet papers - Napkins

    Tissues - Tin foil - Food & freezer bags

    Garbage bags

    In case you wish to offer essential items, contact us at