Within just a few days, we have managed to cover the needs that have surfaced due to Irini’s condtion, the young mother of 3 children, who is battling cancer. Irini was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. As a result, she has been subjected to a total gastrectomy. Currently, she is being subjected to oncology treatments (chemotherapy and radiation therapy), in order to avoid any recurrence. Within just a few days, we have settled the cost for the diagnostic tests that couldn’t be conducted in a public facility, the cost for her transportation from the small town where she resides to the hospital of Thessaloniki, as well as her post-operative nutrition. On behalf of Irini and her family, we would like to kindly thank all of you for your defining support! Irini, we wish you a speedy recovery, while we sincerely hope that the ordeal you’ve been experiencing soon comes to an end!